How To Make Round Edge Image In Photoshop CS4 CS5

I will show you how to make a nice round edge image with Photoshop CS4 or CS5.

Here is the image I'm going to use.

  1. First, open the image you want to make the round edge in Photoshop.
  2. Right click on Rectangle Tool and choose Rounded Rectangle Tool at the left side toolbar.
  3. Change the Radius to fit your taste. Hold left mouse on the image and drag it to make a rounded rectangle shape you want.
    *if you made a mistake, you can undo it with Ctrl + Z on the keyboard.
  4. Go to Layer tab section and right click on the shape layer and choose Blending Options.
    *Easiest way just double click on it.
  5. In Advanced Blending, set the Fill Opacity to 0% and click OK button.
  6. Now go to Layer section again and choose Path tab and click on Make Selection...
  7. Change Feather Radius to 0 pixels, tick Anti-aliased, and in Operation, choose New Selection.
    *usually in Make Selection window you don't need to change anything but in case you have a different settings, change it to settings like I mention above.
  8. Now in top menu, click on Edit and choose Copy Merged.
  9. Make a new file layer (File > New / Ctrl + N) and click OK button.
    *the default layer size here is the exact size of the rounded rectangle shape. You can change the layer size or just go with the shape size. Here I show you the shape size.
  10. Paste it (Edit > Paste / Ctrl + V) on the new file layer and here we have a very nice round edge image suitable to put it in blog or any website.
Good Luck and Have Fun~~~(^_^)/
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